Women for Sarah Palin, be sure to join Team Sarah

President Sarah Palin

President Sarah Palin


And that woman ‘beyond all choice’ will be Governor Sarah Palin!

Tonight I caught part of the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News. O’Reilly was trying to make a news item out of recent Sarah Palin public events where she has met with several international foreign leaders. He suggested that somehow her not wanting to take questions from the “friendly media” after these events somehow spoke to her inexperience and that this was some sort of on the job training.

One of Bill’s guests was Dr. Caroline Heldman. It was quite obvious that Caroline despised Governor Palin. She thought that it was “unprecedented that we have vice presidential candidate who is essentially getting job training during the campaign, she’s not ready for prime time”. Caroline had contempt for Governor Palin because she didn’t study at elite institutions and only got her passport last year and she added that “She is the least qualified Vice Presidential Candidate we’ve ever had.” Somehow her experience as a Mayor and Governor, and her education at the University of Idaho were somehow insufficient.

This question has been coming out a lot lately. The Obama campaign, the news media, and pundits, actors, and the like have all been asking it. I have never seen this question asked before. Is it just because she is a women? And why is it that mostly the liberal establishment have been asking that question? Where is the feminist outrage? I thought that the liberals democrats championed womens rights? Or is that only when those rights match their ideology?

So what are the qualifications for the office of President (and Vice President) of the United States?

As Russia continues it’s intimidation of its neighbors and uses its oil and gas as a political weapon against Europe it has also made threats to target peaceful nations with nuclear weapons and continues to sell arms  to groups that threaten international security.  

What are the demoncrats reaction to this other than singing “Don’t worry be happy”. Well nothing of course. Perhaps Obama will call a meeting and hope for change.

As Russia increases its military spending by 25% who do you think can lead better in a dangerous world?

Be sure to vote for a president that will protect this country and honor our international treaties like NATO. And yes that means perhaps going to war with Russia if they threaten or attack any other NATO member. (yeah, Sarah was right about that one!)


Ever wonder why we aren’t building more nuclear power plants? And NO, it’s not because simpletons like Homer Simpson will work there! Isn’t Nuclear Power considered ‘clean energy’? Listening to the Democrats in Congress and the Obama campaign, you wouldn’t think so. Is the public still cowering under their tables and running to their fallout shelters because of fear mongering propaganda like the 70’s film “China Syndrome“?

Ever wonder what it takes to build a nuclear power plant? Never mind that, just look at what it takes to make an application to build one. The Exelon Generation company has submitted applications to build some nuclear power plants (kudos to them). In a recent Market Watch article it was reported that the combined license application, approximately 6,500 pages long, took a team of more than 60 Exelon employees and contractors just under 12 months to complete. The NRC’s evaluation of the application is estimated to take 3 to 4 years and involves a technical review and public hearing. A decision on the license is not expected before 2012.

Kudos to Exelon!

They have gone through that application effort 12 times in recent years.

From an NEI information page they report that as of July 2008, 30 countries worldwide were operating 439 nuclear reactors for electricity generation and 35 new nuclear plants were under construction in 14 countries. Nuclear power plants provided about 15 percent of the world’s electricity production in 2007. In total, 16 countries relied on nuclear energy to supply at least one-quarter of their total electricity. Guess which country is NOT on that list. Yep, the good old United States. Now I wonder, why is that?

Did you know that we can now build portable or community based nuclear power plants? I wonder what the application requirements are for that?

Did you notice that Nuclear Power isn’t part of the Obama Plan? I wonder why they don’t ever listen to thier own experts on that matter. Are they really concerned over solving the energy problem or are they more interested in infrstructure disruption and a realignment of the energy industry to favor thier supporters?


Lisa Schiffren writes a great article in the CIty Journal about why Sarah Palins is the right choice for VP in this election and what her qualifications are. Read Here…