And that woman ‘beyond all choice’ will be Governor Sarah Palin!

Tonight I caught part of the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News. O’Reilly was trying to make a news item out of recent Sarah Palin public events where she has met with several international foreign leaders. He suggested that somehow her not wanting to take questions from the “friendly media” after these events somehow spoke to her inexperience and that this was some sort of on the job training.

One of Bill’s guests was Dr. Caroline Heldman. It was quite obvious that Caroline despised Governor Palin. She thought that it was “unprecedented that we have vice presidential candidate who is essentially getting job training during the campaign, she’s not ready for prime time”. Caroline had contempt for Governor Palin because she didn’t study at elite institutions and only got her passport last year and she added that “She is the least qualified Vice Presidential Candidate we’ve ever had.” Somehow her experience as a Mayor and Governor, and her education at the University of Idaho were somehow insufficient.


This question has been coming out a lot lately. The Obama campaign, the news media, and pundits, actors, and the like have all been asking it. I have never seen this question asked before. Is it just because she is a women? And why is it that mostly the liberal establishment have been asking that question? Where is the feminist outrage? I thought that the liberals democrats championed womens rights? Or is that only when those rights match their ideology?

So what are the qualifications for the office of President (and Vice President) of the United States?