Oxy-Politis / Sharp Citizen

If you are looking here to find personal information about me or anyone else that writes in this blog. You won’t find it here. You have to use a little more effort than that. It’s not impossible.

In this day and age where there are so many violent loons on both side of the political spectrum (most are on the left), there is no way I’ll make that easy.

What is written here in this blog is usually written using a ‘political persona’ reflective of the demeanor portrayed in the current political landscape. We aim to entice, enrage, make you think, and illicit an emotional response.

We are like minded in many areas but not all. One person manages and operates the site, others contribute.

I am male, 35-45.
I grew up and was educated in NYC.
I’ve traveled throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, Canada, and several eastern block countries.
I am a perpetual student..
I am a volunteer in several charitable and community organizations.
I am interested in economics, mathematics, logic, philosophy, politics, technology.
I am married and have children.
I own guns, but believe that access to them should be restricted
I hunt, yet have protested certain animal testing.
I’m pro life, but know that there are exceptions.

Why the name OxyPolitis. Because we believe that citizenship is a responsibility. If we want good leaders, then we have to know something about who they are and what they will do, and that is a responsibility too. Being sharp about how we cast our votes is critical to citizenship.


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